Orville & Seraphine Blake

Orville & Seraphine come to us from the Caribbean (originally), although they are now American citizens. They have three sons (only Raphael is pictured here). In recent years, they have a church-planting ministry in south Florida with immigrants from various places. It is their hope to continue that ministry.

For now, they are going to concentrate a bit more on raising support. We appreciate your prayers for this ministry.

Recent News About Orville & Seraphine Blake
A New Ministry – During our time of pre-field ministry in the Ft. Lauderdale area, it has become increasingly obvious that there is an incredible need for fundamental works in South Florida. One city, Miami Gardens, has the largest immigrant population of African-American and Caribbean immigrants in the United States. In conjunction with our home church (in Ft. Lauderdale), we will target Miami Gardens for a church-plant before we “move on” (Lord willing) to other work.
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