The Claar Family

Dave and Jane Claar have had the privilege of serving in several places in Africa: Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. When they came home from Africa in the late 1990s, all three of their children were still in school. Subsequently, they came 'on board' GFF in 1997, and were involved in mission administration; their primary function was as representatives of the Fellowship.

While their heart has remained in Africa, their desire to return there has not been able to be realized. They were released from mission administration in 2010, with the goal of returning to South Africa. That was found to be impossible, however, due to health and other reasons.

Accordingly, the Claars have retired from active missionary service on May 1, 2013. They will continue to be active in their local church and in the community, as they have been. We wish them well, and commend them to you for your prayers and thoughtfulness.

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