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Dear Fellow-workers,

If “April showers bring May flowers”, what does a “Nor’easter” in March bring? By God’s Grace (to me), I was out of town when this storm hit, but the Office was buried! Most of the eastern half of the United States has had a mild winter this year, and we are thankful for that. Working for the Lord was made easier by milder weather.

The Lord willing, April is our Annual Meeting, and we are expecting a group of missionaries to be there. Sam Moss will be coming to explain his new ministry. We will be having a candidate family, retired & semi-retired missionaries (Lois Hanmer and Sandy Ball), and others for fellowship (including Dave and Debbie Nunemaker, from France). It will be a wonderful time of fellowship, as well as an opportunity for important mission business (some of which may be discussed next month).

More important – MUCH more important -- than our April Meeting is Resurrection Sunday. In God’s wisdom, we do not know the exact date of Christ’s death or resurrection; if we did, we might very well worship the date (cp. Israel & the brazen serpent, 2 Kings 18.4). What we DO know is that Christ died for us, and was gloriously raised for our Justification (Rom 4.25). We are FREE from the law of sin & death, FREE from condemnation, and FREE to do the will of God. No longer must sin reign over us (Rom 6.11-14). Glory to God, we may serve Him freely in the power of the Holy Spirit. We have blessings too numerous to mention, and many TOO many to count! How blessed we are.

We count ourselves blessed to have you, dear readers. Those praying and giving are just as important (if not more) than those who go. If you did not do your part, missionaries would NOT go. The Scripture is very clear: all have sinned (Rom 3.23 and many other verses), and equally clear that men must be told of their condition (Rom 10.14-15). It is our great privilege to be among those who tell men of their condition.

For witness together,

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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