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Although this is not the month in which we usually celebrate Thanksgiving (normally that is November), I am very thankful for the Lord’s many blessings. The Scripture clearly tells us that “in every thing give thanks” (1 Thes 5.18), and we want to do that in every case.

First, I am thankful for Joe and Lindsay Risinger, who have joined the Gospel Furthering Fellowship and (Lord willing) will be heading for Uganda, along with their one-year-old son, Joseph III. Coming the other direction, from Uganda, will be Matt and Sheri Winkler, with their seven children. They will be on ‘furlough’ (NOT vacation), returning to Uganda in about one year. Also, returning from Africa (Tanzania) will be Rodney and Lynn Myers, with their four. Their oldest son, Shawn, will enter college in the Fall, preparing for missionary service (Lord willing). There is much to be thankful about, and much prayer to be made for these.

Like so many other parts of the world, Africa is a place in ferment. Technology has made vast changes; cellphones are everywhere, even though they cost more there than in the United States. Roads are improved, and transportation is much easier. So many consumer goods are available now, and life for many is much easier. With improved transportation and communications, the job of the evangelist is easier, and we thank the Lord for that. However, with the easing of the burdens of life, many desire political change as well. Change seems to be the constant!

Prayer needs to be our ‘constant’. Without prayer for the families mentioned above, their ministries will not be effective. Half of the nation of Uganda is fifteen (yes, 15!) years of age or younger. The Risinger family is young, “millennials”, and we believe that they are well prepared to meet the young generation. But without prayer … nothing worthwhile will be accomplished. We solicit your prayers for them, and the upcoming generations which need to be evangelized before it is eternally too late.


Bruce P Busch
General Director

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