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It is June – and some of us are already tired of the heat! Much of Pennsylvania (where the Office is located) has already experienced summer-like heat & humidity, and I (Bruce) am already tired of it. If you are also tired of heat, let me take you to Africa below the equator. It is “winter” in this area of the world in the month of June.

Does Africa ever really experience winter? It does. While large parts of the continent are either hot & barren or tropical, they also have seasons of snow & cold in mountainous or high-altitude regions. Mt. Kiliminjaro in Tanzania (at 19,380 feet altitude) is perpetually snow-covered near the summit. So also is Mt. Kenya, at a slightly lower elevation. Even lower elevations can get uncomfortable for people, as most homes in Africa do not have heat and many Africans have little experience with colder temperatures.

Why move to Africa? Simply stated, there are people there. Many millions. Many of these people have never heard a Gospel presentation; in fact significant numbers have never even HEARD the name of Jesus Christ. The country of Tanzania, where the families of Rodney Myers and Aaron Shipe are working is one such place. In that country alone, there are still millions who have never heard that JESUS SAVES.

The main barriers in Tanzania are formidable. Language, travel, and health are all problems. But Tanzania is developing: travel is easier, and public health is improving. The Swahili language is more broadly understood, and many more people are speaking English as well. Still, there are numbers of places without decent roads, and some millions of people who do not speak Swahili (or English), and those need to be reached. What can be done? God’s simple solution over the years … send someone to tell them (Rom 10.13-15). A missionary. By God’s power, all of these barriers will be surmounted.

That is where YOU – the reader – may have some part; many cannot go, but all can pray. YOU HAVE PRAYED. And Prayer DOES change things (Matt 9.37-38)

For Prayer,

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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