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Prayer Warriors,

It is June, and it is supposed to be summer – at least on or about June 20. However, May was cold & wet, and it looks like early June (at least) is going to follow that pattern in central Pennsylvania. Weather forecasters say that we needed the rain, but … the Lord sent us the cold & dampness also.

With June coming, the Office is looking forward to seeing missionaries newly ‘home’ from their fields. Later this month, Matt and Sheri Winkler, with their seven children, will be coming to the Office. When they return to Uganda, Matt will be taking the leadership of that field, now that the Moss family (Sam & Nicole) are going to be in a missionary pastorate in the States.

We are not sure of the schedule for Rodney and Lynn Myers; their oldest son is entering college this Fall, and we expect to see them at that time. The Myers are going to be transitioning back to the United States, as many of you know – and it will be challenging. Leaving this country to go to a “two-thirds” (underdeveloped) country is difficult, and re-entering this culture (especially with a growing family, in transition) may be even more difficult. Pray for the Myers; the next few months will be difficult for the whole family.

We ARE sure of the schedule of Peter and Rosa Pinyol; they will be arriving in the United States later this month, and we anticipate seeing them in August. I (Bruce) saw Peter in Spain, in 2015, and he was somewhat ‘drained’ (tired) from a very recent battle with colon cancer. We understand that he is doing better now, and has been pronounced ‘cancer-free.’ Truly the Lord sets – and knows – our ‘comings and goings’, and all of our lives are in His Almighty Hands!

I am reminded of the words of the Psalmist when he said:

Like as a father pitieth his children
so the Lord pitieth them that fear him.
For he knoweth our frame;
He remembereth that we are dust. (Ps 103.13-14)

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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