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Prayerful Brethren,

As I write this many of you are mindful of what has happened in the recent days – the murder of Innocents, the shedding of blood. Here in America, we celebrate Independence Day (July 4), and that Independence was certainly not accomplished without blood being spilled. Beyond that, however, we can celebrate EVERY DAY our Independence from sin & self by the shedding of the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Lord was the One who “was delivered for our offences and was raised for our justification” (Rom 4.25). Through Him we have a liberty which was not possible to men of other ages. The book of Hebrews points out that even Jewish sacrifices, although effective in times past, can no longer bring salvation to men (Heb 10.1). It is faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, plus nothing, that brings full salvation and liberty. The believer today can celebrate full liberty, wherever he is, whoever he is, and whatever he may be doing. That is liberty. It is the great privilege of The Gospel Furthering Fellowship to be involved in the proclamation of it.

Many of you are mindful of the risks of missionary services. Today missionaries (including some from GFF) are serving in places where there are great risks. It has been our policy for many years that missionaries leaving the United States must have their affairs in order (their wills, finances, and other things as needed) due to the risks. It is simply a prudent thing to do. Prudence also dictates that we don’t speak about many of these things, in order to lessen the risks as much as possible. Missionary service IS dangerous – you can get killed. But it is far more dangerous to disobey the Lord if He directs you to go!

Still … as I write this, I (Bruce) wonder how many will go. Will these dangerous times frighten people from service to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Or will the lures of ‘fame, felicity, and fortune’ seduce men from following their Lord? Confidence in the LORD must be unlimited, while realizing the weaknesses of men. We do have that confidence, and have had it for over eighty years. We have confidence in you, prayerful brethren. Keep on “keeping on”!


Bruce P Busch
General Director

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