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Liberated brethren,

The month of July is special to many Americans, as it is the time when we celebrate our Independence. Note the salutation above: “liberated brethren.” Gal 5.1 states it this way: “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free”. Paul was not thinking of national Independence, obviously; he was thinking of the freedom that salvation brings. And such freedom we have! We are free to do the will of God, and witness to the glories of our Lord Jesus Christ. THAT is real freedom, found only in Christ -- and no other place.

We are thankful for the opportunities to believe and teach the Gospel freely in so many places around the world. Quite possibly we have more opportunity today than at any time since the days when our Lord walked on the earth. Unfortunately, many believers outside of the United States are doing a better job of sharing the Gospel than American believers – even though some have less personal freedom (in some cases, much less). Excuses? No … Everyone needs to redeem the time, the Lord is coming.

In June, we saw the entire Winkler family (Matt, Sheri, and their seven children) at the Office, and learned of the tremendous opportunities in Uganda. More recently we have also seen Sam and Nicole Moss, and their three children, as they dive into a missionary pastorate in the U.S.A. Nicole is not fully recovered from her ordeal in Uganda; happily, she is coming along. Thank you for praying!

Opportunities abound. They are there every day, and we must dedicate ourselves to redeeming them before they are lost. Time will inevitably slip away – and opportunities with it – but the only moment that we can live in is now. Consider the words of the Preacher (Solomon), particularly those who are young “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth” [emphasis mine]. The time to work is upon us … we have been liberated to serve.

For Liberation,

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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