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My Dear Brethren,

July was the month of ‘send-offs’. The last week of July saw Charlie and Bo Frink return to New Zealand, and the Aaron Shipe family back to Tanzania after a short (but necessary) break. We also saw the blessing of parents visiting their children on the foreign field. We are thankful for all of these events, and grateful for the technology that makes such travel possible. Within my lifetime I have seen missionary travel go from taking weeks to arrive at a foreign field to just two or three days! How things change.

One thing that has NOT changed – and never will – is the need of men for the Gospel. Today our world is described as a ‘global village,’ and that is true. The problem is that the ‘village’ does not know the Lord! Technology has made it easier to spread the message of the Gospel, but I wonder if it has not made men more reluctant to take the Gospel directly -- one-on-one -- to people. There is no substitute for personal involvement in presenting Gospel truth.

In Tanzania, GFF is involved in presenting the Gospel in every practical way. One of these ways is the ‘Youth Conference’ in August. It is a busy time for both the Shipe family and the Myers family, who are involved in planting churches and are heavily invested in working with the ‘Youth’ (including young marrieds in Tanzania). Church-planting (and all that is involved in it) is the pattern for those who go out as missionaries in the New Testament. Missionaries evangelize, gather together the converts, and organize local churches. Once a church is fully functioning with local leadership, the missionary will move on. The ‘cycle’ begins again, as we thank the Lord for what HE has done in planting a local testimony. What a blessing to see the Gospel bear fruit, as it does!

Next month, Lord willing, we will be seeing more missionaries travel. From Spain will come Moises and Rosa Campos, as well as Peter and Charo Torres. The Lord willing, we will see both at our semi-Annual Board Meeting in October. Others will also be there, including David and Debbie Nunemaker (France). We also hope to see some of our ‘home’ missionaries (those in the United States) who we do not regularly see. We thank YOU who make it possible!

For the work of the Lord,

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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