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Powerfully …

Recently I read in Jeremiah (8.20) “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Jeremiah was referring to apostate (unbelieving) Israel; the situation for most of the Western world is vastly different. Israel IS God’s chosen people; while the Lord has made many promises to believers today, no nation (or people group) today partakes of the specific promises that God has made to Israel. Yet at times, the parallels seem inescapable.

It might not be completely fair to call the entire Western world ‘apostate’ (having departed from biblical faith), as an increasing number of westerners have never heard the Gospel. That is the fault of God’s people. If we believe that all have sinned (they have!), all men need to hear the truth, and it is our sacred duty to make sure that they hear.

The problem is not with the world. They are not ‘friends of Grace.’ They have every reason to HATE the Good News that Jesus saves. The reason that people have not heard – with all the available Gospel resources – is that believers have not been doing the (sometimes hard) work of evangelism. Believers are not doing enough to tell the amazing story of God’s love and the forgiveness of sin for all who believe in our Lord!

The Lord willing, we expect to see some prominent ‘truth-tellers’ in our Office this month. Rodney and Lynn Myers will be here later this month from Tanzania (Africa). Rodney is going to be coming into the Office on a full-time basis later this year. It is going to be an immense transition, and we need to pray much for the Myers family. Before we see the Myers family, we expect to see Peter and Rosa Pinyol, and most of their family at the Office. The family is only going to be in the United States for the summer; they are badly needed in Spain. They are ministering outside of Barcelona, a large metropolitan area visited by many tourists. Opportunities abound … and the Pinyols want to take advantage of them.

No one knows what a day may bring forth. God’s work will go on, and the prayers of God’s people will ‘move it on’ in large measure. Thank you for praying.


Bruce P Busch
General Director

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