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This month we welcome back to the United States a couple who have done the impossible (at least according to many missionaries and mission organizations)! They have planted an indigenous church in Spain. Professional literature in missiology (the study of missions) has discussed for years about the difficulties inherent in starting churches in Europe. It is not easy. Many have said that Europe is ‘post-Christian’, meaning that the continent has lost both the faith and the culture of Christianity. As one GFF missionary said “God is irrelevant to Spaniards.” He is right. It IS difficult to do evangelism and church-planting in Europe. But that has not stopped Moises and Rosa Campos from doing what SOME SAID could not be done. They have planted an indigenous, independent church!

What then is the Campos family to do now? Move on, as the Apostle Paul did in the book of Acts (from chapters sixteen to twenty-eight). When the family returns to Spain, it will not be to the church where they were previously. That church is now independent, functioning with local leadership. Instead, they will be going to a different part of the country, and beginning again with patient evangelism, making disciples, and organizing a church at the appropriate time. Normally in Europe this takes years (if it IS accomplished); it can be done much more quickly in some other parts of the world (Africa & some parts of Asia, for example). We rejoice in what God has done through the Campos family. By God’s Grace, a good church has been established. We need to pray both for the family AND that local church (in the village of Olot).


As a continent, an area, Europe is one of the most difficult places in the world to plant (start) churches. Physically, it is easier to live there than some areas of the world (if you can afford the cost of living), but winning people to Christ is difficult. Many people think that Europe IS ‘Christian’, but sadly that is no longer really true. Some are surprised by this, but a visit almost anywhere in (particularly western) Europe will show that it is true. What then must be done?

PRAY, PRAY, AND PRAY SOME MORE. The Lord will direct the sincere believing heart.

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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