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Dearly Beloved,

Some Americans may recognize the above salutation as the prologue for a wedding … but that is not the intention here. We are simply recognizing the importance of YOU, the readers, and those who pray for us and support us. You are ‘beloved’ by us, and vital! Without you, GFF ministry does not exist.

For the Office, September is the beginning of ‘travel season.’ People are back from vacation, schools have started, and churches are beginning their ministry programs. That is America; East Africa (where I, Bruce, served) will begin things in January, the actual beginning of the calendar year. Scripture does not demand any starting point, certainly God’s clock always strikes exactly on time!

Our confidence is placed in the Lord, as always. It is easy to be concerned about the conditions in the world – but the believer is not “of the world” (John 15.19). If we were “of the world”, a lot of change would be needed! In some places, the actions of believers CAN make a difference; as the Apostle points out (1Tim 2.2), prayer can make an enormous impact. That is where every believer may be involved: PRAYER.

World population is exploding in some areas. We are told that the world is now hosting over seven billion (7,000,000,000) people. Many of those are in areas that are very difficult (or almost impossible) to reach. We do well to remind ourselves of recent history – the fall of the Soviet Union and the Communist Empire represented by it. Before things began to “fall apart” in 1989 and 1990, those areas were impossible to reach with missionaries. Today? Missionaries are there! We wish that there were MORE missionaries, but we wish for that in many places. The continent of Asia hosts more than one-third of the world’s population, and most of those are unreached with the Gospel. How are we going to handle this exploding population? Where will we find the necessary missionaries? WE WON’T.

Prayer will. Prayer will ‘move’ the hand of God to reach the people that ought to be reached. The Lord is far more concerned about them than we ever could be … but it is our responsibility, Dearly Beloved, to pray, and be ready to move as HE directs.


Bruce P Busch
General Director

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