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Have you ever felt discouraged, really ‘down’? We would probably not be human if we had not! In America these days, we are going through the political season – next month we have general elections, including elections for President. It is a serious time. Many believers are also discouraged with the candidates that we have. Nevertheless, God is Faithful.

In the Psalms we are reminded of Asaph in Psalm 73 -- he acknowledges the goodness of God (73.1), but then describes (in detail) his pain at the prosperity of the wicked. Many in the United States are feeling this way as well, both believers and unbelievers. What is the key to defeating this discouragement? Asaph did not have the answer (73.16), until he went into the sanctuary of God (73.17). THEN he understood the end of the unrighteous. The LORD is in control, and the unrighteous will meet their end, their utter destruction (73.17-20). In the end, God is Faithful!

As I have traveled and ministered this last month, I am reminded of the Faithfulness of God in many ways. Previously mentioned were the Campos family (Moises and Rosa); we had precious fellowship with them here at the Office. We may not see the Torres family (Peter and Charo), as they were in the United States last year, reporting to the northern ‘half’ of their churches. (This year they are in the South.) We have also seen other missionaries, and I have had the privilege to minister in several schools and churches as well. It has been a blessed time.

Travel continues in October, and one particular blessing is coming up late in the month: our semi-annual Board Meeting. This particular meeting will be special in that we will have an unusually large number of our missionaries attending. As Director, I (Bruce) know all of our people, but many of our missionaries have never met some of the others within GFF serving elsewhere. The fellowship will be truly international, and a wonderful time to celebrate the absolute, unchanging Faithfulness of God.

So many of YOU, dear readers, have been Faithful as well. We are so very thankful for all of you, your prayers, and your support in so many ways. Only heaven has the record, but we are the grateful recipients of the Blessing.

In Christ’s Faithfulness,

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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