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Prayerful Brethren,

October is here, and as I noted in the last month’s letter, travel season is upon us. By the time that most of you read this letter, we may be “well on our way”. The question is … what destination(s) are we going to? There is some uncertainty.

As I (Bruce) write this, I am not sure what will happen. On the third (3rd) of this month, my wife Ruth will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor. It is highly unlikely that it is malignant (cancerous), but it will still require some care and will keep me around home for at least two weeks. We are hopeful that after the two weeks, Ruth will be well enough that I may travel.

There is good news: Rodney and Lynn Myers are here, at the Office. They are still trying to settle completely, and (the Lord willing) are trying to buy a house in the area. However, Rodney is available for travel to colleges and churches, and he will be doing a good bit of it. With their four children, the Myers family is very busy, and they need your prayers as they transition.

We are hopeful to see Charlie and Bo Frink, who are in the U.S. for about two months. Their ministry in New Zealand is on-going, and they are taking advantage of short-term outside help to come ‘home.’ New Zealand is one of the most difficult places in the world to minister, due to the excessive costs of many things (real estate, for example is unbelievably expensive) and the very, very liberal attitudes of a very diverse New Zealand society.

God’s work has never been free. Indeed, it cost the Father the life of His only begotten Son (John 3.16)! Missionary work is not free either – Even though Americans live in one of the most advanced societies on earth, many things cost less in the United States than they do elsewhere in the world. Shocking? It is true, nevertheless. At GFF we are mindful of this, and strive diligently to maximize every dollar and minimize every cost. YOUR prayers help make that possible, and we are very thankful for all that you do!


Bruce P Busch
General Director

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