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My Dear Brethren,

We read in 2 Cor 9.15, “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” In context, the Apostle Paul was speaking of the ministry of giving, and pointing out (among other things) that God has already given the gift which cannot be matched – the Lord Jesus Christ. The saved of all ages stand enriched by the Grace of God because of what HE (Christ) did. HE gave his life a ransom for many, as the full and complete payment for sin. All sin. For all ages. Probably only eternity will be long enough to celebrate that sacrifice.

This past month, GFF (Gospel Furthering Fellowship) had many reasons to celebrate. Several our missionaries were in for our Semi-Annual Board Meeting (October 28). In alphabetical order, we saw Sandy Ball, Orville Blake, Moises and Rosa Campos, Lois Hanmer, and Rodney Myers. We had originally expected also to see David and Debbie Nunemaker, but they were unable to travel from France due to health concerns. Still it has been a real blessing to see these servants of the Lord, and for the missionaries to see (and in several cases, meet for the very first time) other servants/missionaries with GFF. We praise the Lord for each & every servant of the Lord.

This month, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving. While many may legitimately wonder if Americans have forgotten the real reasons behind the holiday, we (GFF) have not forgotten. Truly we should be thankful every day, as 1 Thes 5.18 says “In every thing give thanks”. In the seventeenth century, those first Americans were thankful just to have survived the winter! By the Grace of God, Thanksgiving Day is a reminder for everyone how much we owe to the Lord for His ‘unspeakable gift’. Only the Grace of God allows US to survive and prosper in the will of the Lord. We are thankful to be able to serve.

We do not know what a day may bring to us. We DO know the Grace of God; we DO know how thankful all of us are to all of YOU for your kindness, your gifts, and your prayers for this ministry. Thank You.

For our Thankful Missionaries,

Bruce P Busch
General Director

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