Peter & 'Charo' Torres

The Torres family has had a later start into full-time ministry than some. Peter (Pedro) was saved while working at the American Air Force base in Torrejon, outside Madrid, Spain. After taking some Bible courses in varied venues, and being involved in evangelism, Peter eventually became involved in Pastoral work. His great burden, however, is evangelism & church-planting; he desires to see all of Spain reached with the Gospel of Christ!

Realizing his need for more formal education, Peter & Charo came to the United States in 2002. While here they became acquainted with the ministry of Gospel Furthering Fellowship, and our missionary vision. After completing their pre-field ministry, the Torres family moved back to Madrid, Spain in December 2010. They are presently working under their local church to fulfill the goal of evangelizing 10 surrounding towns (about 50,000 people) where there is not a fundamental Baptist church. They covet your prayers for boldness and open doors.

Recent News About Peter & 'Charo' Torres
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